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DeFi exploded in size this year, and the Uniswap exchange even outperformed centralized exchanges at the peak of the boom. Now it accounts for more than $3 billion in total value locked and is one of the top DeFi protocols. ChangeHero gives a UNI price prediction for this year, Uniswap price prediction 2021–2025, and even in the further future.

What is Uniswap and UNI?

Uniswap is one of the most popular decentralized exchanges (DEX) powered by an automated market maker (AMM) protocol. On this DEX, any token can freely be traded, provided it is given some liquidity. This is why Uniswap has a large market of DeFi tokens, and became so popular.

UNI was launched in September, 2020, with Uniswap V2.  The official airdrop rewarded everyone who has used the first version of the protocol at least once. Its primary purpose is to serve as a governance token: its holders can vote on proposals and decide the future of Uniswap.

Find out about Uniswap and its native token UNI in the ChangeHero’s Guide to Uniswap exchange and UNI for Beginners.

UNI Price History 2020

uniswap charts - UNI Price Prediction: 2020, 2025 and 2030
Source: CoinMarketCap

UNI is one of the newest players on the markets. Its current ATH ($8.44) was reached soon after the airdrop.The demand for the new token was high, and some owners decided to cash out instead of holding. 

But why is Uniswap going down after that? The selling pressure was higher than the demand, and the price decreased. The decline was accelerated by the forking of SushiSwap from the Uniswap protocol. SushiSwap actively seeked to lure away users from the original protocol, and in October it made the Uniswap volumes decrease significantly. However, in November UNI token started to recover and entered an uptrend.

At the time of writing, UNI price is $3.84. Its circulating supply is 245,958,740 UNI out of total 1 billion UNI, and the market capitalization is $943,469,410 USD (rank 30).

What Can Make the UNI Price Change?

Governance Proposals

UNI is a governance token, meaning it acts as a voting power representation. Speaking simply, UNI holders have more say in voting the more tokens they own or deposit into a proposal.

One of the most closely watched initiatives this fall was the proposal of a retroactive airdrop for the users who used Uniswap indirectly. Dharma and Metamask users, for example, did not get their 400 UNI. The proposal was close to reaching the quorum and passing with “Yes” vote, but ultimately failed.

Ethereum Development

A few days ago, zero phase of Ethereum 2.0 which shifted consensus from PoW to PoS, launched. This is a first step in making the Ethereum network, which Uniswap is built on, more scalable. Until recently, Ethereum was prone to congestions and skyrocketing network fees. According to ethgasstation today, Uniswap V2 is the largest consumer of Ethereum gas fees.

DeFi helped Ethereum grow in 2020. Now it is time for ETH to help DeFi grow.


The launch of UNI is often said to be a step to stay ahead of SushiSwap. It might have helped at the time, but the two protocols still compete. For example, as the liquidity mining program on Uniswap expired, SushiSwap intended to introduce one for the same pairs in their protocol.

The competition for Ethereum, in theory, could also influence the Uniswap user base. If a DeFi protocol that could offer more to users appeared outside Ethereum, yield farmers could move on.

UNI Predictions on Twitter

The creator of the protocol, Hayden Adams published a job opportunity for frontend developers. However, many users took this as a hint that the Uniswap V3 is being worked on.

User @fubuloubu jokes that the Uniswap airdrop indirectly helped a ton of builders, thus improving the entire ecosystem. As they explain in the reply to that tweet, the post is based on the real events.

As pointed out by Cold Blooded Shiller, UNI price is actually breaking out.

Even the most seasoned traders have to step back and rely on basic logic sometimes. Since this tweet was made, UNI has been breaking out as indicated in the thread. The replies agree that now would be a fine place to stock up on UNI.

Uniswap Price Prediction 2020

FXStreet UNI Price Prediction: $4

FXStreet analyst Tanya Abrosimova assesses that UNI is breaking out of consolidation and is going to target the $4 level. 

uni iomap 637424966227864318 720 - UNI Price Prediction: 2020, 2025 and 2030
Source: FXstreet

However, the additional In-and-Out money metric shows that this level will be quite hard for bulls to crack. Volumes reached at the $3.92 level or lower are high enough for traders to not buy it for a higher price.

The Late Adopter UNI Price Prediction: above $5.56

YouTuber The Late Adopter arrives at the conclusion that UNI is in a great place for a new flight. The 4-hour and chart show bullish signals, and the possible target he estimates is a September resistance of $5.5.

Gov.capital UNI Price Prediction: $2.36

screen shot 2020 12 03 at 4.50.01 pm - UNI Price Prediction: 2020, 2025 and 2030
Source: GovCapital

The Gov.capital portal gives a bullish short-term UNI prediction: by mid-December, it can near the $5 mark. However, in the longer term, they project a decrease in price for UNI. Their algorithm predicts that it will close 2020 at $2.36.

Uniswap Price Prediction 2021–2024

CoinArbitrageBot UNI Prediction: $3.94–$18.08

Another algorithm, housed at CoinArbitrageBot, forecasts a 500% growth for the UNI token over the four next years. In their Uniswap price prediction 2021, it will be worth even less than it is now— only $3.49. In 2022, it will grow to $6.9, and continue the growth to $11.17 in 2023. The average price for 1 UNI in 2024 will be $18.08.

Digital Coin UNI Price Prediction 2021–2024: $8.73–$14.76

As reported on the Somag News website, the Digital Coin platform predicts that over the next four years, UNI will be growing in price. For the Uniswap price prediction 2021, its price on average will amount to $8.73. By 2022, you can expect it to be worth $11.51, in 2023 — $13.86. In four years, UNI is predicted to be worth $14.76.

Uniswap Price prediction 2025

Coinpedia UNI Price Prediction: $30

Coinpedia authors expect the whole crypto market to grow explosively in the next five years. With it, the price of UNI can go up to $30 per token.

Digital Coin Price UNI Prediction: $12.93–$15.39

chart  1  720 - UNI Price Prediction: 2020, 2025 and 2030
Source: DigitalCoinPrice

In the DigitalCoinPrice projections, in 2025 UNI will be worth about ten dollars more than it is now. The range in which monthly averages will stay for the whole year is between $12.93 (May) and $15.39 (January).

Uniswap Price Prediction 2030

UNI token has been around for less than three months. Of course, this is a nascent project with great potential. But it is still hard to tell what regulations or volatility will do to the UNI token in such a long time.

CryptocurrencyPricePrediction website takes their shot at pinpointing a possible UNI price in ten years. They speculate that during 2030 it will grow from $68.10 in January to $117.81 in December. 

ChangeHero Price Prediction

Uniswap V3 seems to be in active development and might ship early next year. With it, UNI might gain more use cases, and become more attractive for investors. This could drive demand up, especially before the current max supply of 1 billion UNI is distributed. We may see double digits the next years. If Bitcoin surges as a result of its rally, UNI is popular enough to follow suit.

How to Get UNI with ChangeHero: Step-by-step Instructions

How do I invest in Uniswap? Owning UNI tokens is enough! You can buy UNI using ChangeHero in five simple steps:

  1. Choose the currencies on the home page, amounts and the type of exchange. Provide your UNI wallet address in the next step and check the amounts;
  2. Double-check the provided information, read and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy;
  3. Send in a single transaction the sum of cryptocurrency you will be exchanging. For  Fixed Rate transactions you have 15 minutes before it expires;
  4. From here on, you won’t need to do anything. At this step we are doing all the work: checking the incoming transaction and doing the exchange as soon as it arrives;
  5. As soon as the exchange has been processed, your UNI is on the way to your wallet. Congratulations, it’s done! You may even leave a review for us.

Our support Heroes are always there for you in the chat on our website or through the email: [email protected].


Is UNI token a good investment? The consensus is yes: DeFi is here to stay, and Uniswap is in the lead.

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UNI price predictions for 2021 show that the price will be between $3.49–$8.73. UNI is a good investment in the long-term and by 2030 it can touch $30.
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4 months ago

Uniswap is one of the few useful products in Defi, it will definitely survive and UNI price will touch skies.