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Interview with Francisco Sarrias, Senior Sales Engineer, Jelurida

Interview with Francisco Sarrias, Senior Sales Engineer, Jelurida

For today’s interview, we invited Francisco Sarrias, Senior Sales Engineer of Jelurida. They are responsible for the development of the ecosystem that encompasses Ardor a ...
chainlink link banner

What is Chainlink (LINK)? A Beginner’s Guide

Chainlink is a project that entered the market fairly recently but if you are following the news of the altcoin world, you certainly must have heard about it. The LINK
Earn Bitcoin. Join ChangeHero Affiliate Program

Join ChangeHero Affiliate Program and Earn Bitcoin

We all know that sharing is caring, so ChangeHero is willing to share some of our revenue with our crypto Affiliate program participants! Interested? Find out in this art ...
How to Exchange Cryptocurrency on CoolWallet with ChangeHero

How to Exchange Cryptocurrency on CoolWallet S?

CoolWallet S is one of the market’s few mobile hardware cryptocurrency wallets. It is as secure as a classic hardware wallet but also usable with a smartphone, making the ...
CoolWallet integrated ChangeHero Exchange

CoolWallet S integrated ChangeHero Swap Service

Today is very exciting for us because we welcome a very special partner to our roster. We are glad to announce that CoolBitX has integrated ChangeHero into their CoolWall ...
Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2020, 2025 and 2030 by ChangeHero

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020, 2025 and 2030

All eyes are on countdown clocks and Bitcoin block count — the halving is just around the corner. The rising tide of Bitcoin rally everyone expects will lift all the
Crypto Digest by ChangeHero

Crypto Digest: New Coins On ChangeHero, BTC at $11k

Our weekly crypto digest is here! ChangeHero team is going to give you a brief update on our progress before looking at the hottest crypto news and stories from Twitter,
Crypto Digest by ChangeHero

Crypto Digest: New BTC Records, DeFi Ups and Downs

ChangeHero weekly crypto digest is here! We had a lot of news this week, so we made sure to round up the most interesting events and give a top coin
Weekly Crypto Digest

Cryptocurrency News: BTC Dips, TRON and BNB in DeFi

Like the week before, this week has also been a test for the holders of many cryptocurrencies. However, we have had many positive altcoin and Bitcoin short news, too! In
Weekly Crypto Digest

ChangeHero Crypto Digest: BTC Flux and Adoption

This week, cryptocurrency markets were testing the investors with weak hands. In this crypto digest, ChangeHero will recap the most interesting crypto news from this week ...
Weekly Crypto Digest

Cryptocurrency News: SwapSpace Collab & DeFi Hype

In terms of cryptocurrency news and social media buzz, this week was rather intense. Bitcoin is slowing down but not yet giving up its dominance, altcoin season almost on ...
Weekly Crypto Digest

Weekly Crypto News: LINK in Top-5 Club & Yam Fiasco

The markets are showing some interesting action, and lots of altcoins are breaking the synchronous swing. However, this week was more interesting in terms of news happeni ...
Crypto News this Week: ChangeHero Partners with Coinify and Bitcoin breached $12K

Crypto News: Coinify Partnership & Bitcoin hit $12K

This week was less of a ride than the last, but the situation surrounding Bitcoin and the market seems more stable now, even despite the flash crash almost a week
Latest cryptocurrency news this week by ChangeHero

Crypto News: Joe Rogan Talks Crypto & Bitcoin Rally

The train of Bitcoin keeps a-rollin’, Ethereum turns five and Joe Rogan talks crypto — this week looks eventful but also like a calm before the storm. In this digest,
This Week in Crypto By ChangeHero

This Week in Crypto – BTC & ETH See Huge Gains

The past week in the crypto world may not have had loud events that sent shockwaves across all the social media like the previous one, but overall market performance was
Latest cryptocurrency news this week by ChangeHero

Cryptocurrency News: Twitter Hack & LINK Rally

It would have been just another week in crypto, with Bitcoin price change seeing low volatility and latest cryptocurrency news being about the same old rumors and stories ...