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CoolWallet integrated ChangeHero Exchange

CoolWallet S integrated ChangeHero Swap Service

Today is very exciting for us because we welcome a very special partner to our roster. We are glad to announce that CoolBitX has integrated ChangeHero into their CoolWall ...
Interview with Justin Vendetta, Founder of Verge Currency

Interview with Justin Vendetta, Founder of Verge Currency

Today’s interview is special for our team and, we believe, for all the community: we talked with the man behind privacy-centered Verge Currency, known as Justin Vendetta ...
what is chainlink

What is Chainlink (LINK)? A Beginner’s Guide

Chainlink is a project that entered the market fairly recently but if you are following the news of the altcoin world, you certainly must have heard about it. The LINK
Earn Bitcoin. Join ChangeHero Affiliate Program

Join ChangeHero Affiliate Program and Earn Bitcoin

We all know that sharing is caring, so ChangeHero is willing to share some of our revenue with our crypto Affiliate program participants! Interested? Find out in this art ...
How to Exchange Cryptocurrency on CoolWallet with ChangeHero

How to Exchange Cryptocurrency on CoolWallet S?

CoolWallet S is one of the market’s few mobile hardware cryptocurrency wallets. It is as secure as a classic hardware wallet but also usable with a smartphone, making the ...
Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2020, 2025 and 2030 by ChangeHero

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020, 2025 and 2030

All eyes are on countdown clocks and Bitcoin block count — the halving is just around the corner. The rising tide of Bitcoin rally everyone expects will lift all the
best crypto exchange for beginners - ChangeHero

ChangeHero: Best Crypto Exchange for Beginners

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more attention in the media and society. Many people who had not been familiar with cryptocurrencies are considering buy ...
Exchange crypto with zero confirmations on changehero

ChangeHero Zero Confirmations: Fast Crypto Exchange

Crypto as a young industry is still figuring out the ways to reach wide user adoption. The key to this might be ease of use and reliability. Trying to guess
ChangeHero and Coinify Partnership

ChangeHero & Coinify Partnership Ease Crypto Swaps

Coinify is known as one of the leading industry’s fiat-to-crypto service providers. We are proud to be the crypto-to-crypto exchange provider for users purchasing digital ...
ChangeHero and Trezor Partnership

ChangeHero & Trezor Partnership: Safe Crypto Swaps

ChangeHero is off to a flying start in 2020. Trezor — One of the most secure and popular hardware wallets has integrated ChangeHero’s exchange API to bring you fast and
Partnership Announcement: ChangeHero is now a FIO Affiliate Member

ChangeHero is now a FIO Affiliate Member

A few weeks ago, we wrote in The Capital about the Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) — a project aimed at replacing complicated alpha-numeric addresses with hu ...
ChangeHero's new transaction interface

All-New ChangeHero’s Transaction Processing UI!

Crypto jargon is often considered to be tricky and startles the freshmen. ChangeHero has found a key to this issue and is set to redefine the way instant cryptocurrency e ...
ChangeHero live chat

SupportHeroes Are Here For You!

ChangeHero, one of the most reliable instant cryptocurrency exchange platforms is here to present you a brand-new feature — SupportHeroes: Live Chat. ChangeHero follows t ...
ChangeHero Smartphone Application

ChangeHero Smartphone App On The Cards For Autumn

The wait is almost over! ChangeHero Mobile Application is coming. We know how long you have been requesting us for the creation of our platform, adopted for your smartpho ...
ChangeHero Crypto Affiliate Program

ChangeHero Affiliate Platform. How to earn Bitcoin?

ChangeHero — instant crypto exchange platform launches the whole new updated Affiliate Platform. We decided to share up to 80% of our revenue with our Hero Partners and w ...