How to exchange crypto with Magnum Wallet

Magnum Wallet — is one of the safest places to store, manage and exchange your crypto assets. Besides, users come to Magnum to get a passive income by participating in multiple airdrops, staking and bounty programs, and quickly exchange one crypto to another right inside the wallet.

While swapping assets inside Magnum Wallet, users enjoy fast transactions at the best rate on the market, thanks to reliable Magnum exchange partners, such as ChangeHero. In-Magnum exchange takes only four simple steps — that is even faster than on the instant exchange side, as you don’t need to copy and paste your wallet addresses and MEMOs, they are auto-filled.

ChangeHero chooses the best rate for each particular in-Magnum transaction among a wide range of traditional crypto exchanges as well as other liquidity providers. Partnership with multiple trading partners allows ChangeHero to pass the transactions through in an extra fast way, and special risk-management feature allows immediate swaps without waiting for network confirmation for a number of assets.

How to swap your assets in Magnum Wallet with ChangeHero:

Login to Magnum, click on the Exchange button on the top bar and follow four simple steps:

Select the cryptocurrencies

1. Choose the asset/coin you want to swap and go “Next”:

Select ChangeHero as exchange provider

2. Select ChangeHero to get the best exchange rates from the drop-down list of “Exchange partner” and enter the “Amount to send”:

Check the details

3. Check all the details in the Confirmation section and click Confirm:

Exchange interface of Magnum Wallet

4. Finally, in the results section, the transaction will be completed in a quick span of 5 minutes:

Magnum Wallet interface

The transaction itself takes 5 to 30 minutes. After it’s finished you will see it in the wallet on the right within the history block.

The overall process looks much like the same on mobile devices:

Magnum wallet exchange UI on mobile devices
Magnum Wallet also has an Android App — it works pretty much the same as the web version.

ChangeHero works on the rates, coin range and transaction speed every day to serve Magnum Wallet users even better. If you are already a Magnum user — you can be sure that your assets are exchanged at the best rate among the most reliable exchanges at the shortest possible time.

In-Magnum exchange saves your time! No need to leave the wallet and go to exchange platform seeking for the best rate. They are already on Magnum.
Don’t forget that you can top-up Magnum Wallet with crypto assets by buying them with your credit card on website.

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How to Exchange Cryptocurrency With Magnum Wallet?
Article Name
How to Exchange Cryptocurrency With Magnum Wallet?
You can exchange cryptocurrency on Magnum Wallet with ChangeHero within the app in a few steps. Select, Send and Receive. As simple as that.
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