Nowadays almost everyone is talking about Dash, one of the leading privacy-focused cryptocurrencies. In recent times, Dash garnered a lot of attention among the crypto community due to its unique features. With an upsurge in its adoption, Dash is set to become an alternative to real-life cash.

Will Dash turn out to be the everyday money solution in the near future? If yes, what would be fueling this? How would Dash be performing in the Q4 of 2019?

ChangeHero made a short forecast of Dash and found the possible answers for all the questions.

To start with, Dash was introduced as an instant and semi-private digital currency in 2014 by Evan Duffield leveraging blockchain technology. Dash is one of the fastest cryptocurrencies that can be used to transfer or receive payments. It was built upon Bitcoin’s core code and designed to make transactions faster and to have a better governance structure to overcome the shortfalls faced by Bitcoin.

Dash stands out from the rest due to its Private Send, which allows users to send their funds privately. InstantSend makes it possible to send your Dash transactions instantly (within 1.5 seconds), solving the double-spending problem. And the third is Masternodeswhich provides coin holders to earn passive income and keeps all these features together.

What other benefits make Dash one of the strongest and fastest-rising crypto coins worldwide?

Mass Adoption

Dash is already accepted as a form of payment by a number of traders, retailers, travel agencies around the world. Some of the most noticeable companies include eGifter,, Overstock and many more.

Privacy and Transaction Speed

These are the most prominent features an average user desires. Dash assures Privacy and keeps all the user’s transactions anonymous making it hard for hackers to track the funds. For Dash speed is everything, you can complete a transaction with a second. Besides that, Dash’s transaction fees are much lower than other cryptocurrencies and credit cards.

Self-Governing and Self-Funding Protocol.

Dash is the world’s first self-funding coin with a huge monthly budget giving it an edge over its competitors. Dash is self-governed and is considered to be one of the most decentralized currencies in crypto space.

Price History

DASH all-time price chart
Source: CoinMarketCap
Formerly known as “Xcoin” and “DarkCoin, Dash was launched in 2014 trading at $0.2 on February 2014 and the crypto rose slightly during the initial years. 2017 is the year of Dash as it saw a dramatic rise in the price and hit an all-time high of $1642.22 on December 20. The coin eventually joined the TOP-5 club of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world.
DASH price chart for 2017-2019
Source: CoinMarketCap
The key to this growth lies in the increase in the adoption of cryptocurrency in third world countries. Moreover, 2017 Dash extended its support to hardware wallets and also two major releases optimizing the Private Send feature spearheaded Dash as digital cash. Dash gained popularity due to the privacy features it boasts, which significantly affected the adoption. Dash’s daily trading volume had reached around $100 million per day by June 2017 and the overall market capitalization crossed the $4 billion mark.

In 2018, Dash started trading at $1,054 and the price dropped significantly during the first half of the year. This fact might be connected with the legitimacy of Dash’s decentralization when it got under suspicion. Besides, Dash aims to offer private transactions that unavoidably develop associations with criminal activities. In February 2018 a Europol spokesperson called Dash as one of the most popular cryptocurrencies among criminals. This has created a backlash that hit Dash so hard and the coin continued to bleed.

Dash started trading in 2019 at around $80 and saw some fluctuations during the beginning of the year. As of writing, Dash is being traded at $80.71 with a 24-hour trading volume of $278,490,879 and a circulating supply of over 9million according to CoinMarketCap.

Experts and Community on Dash

Here are some market prognoses for Dash. Long Forecast is pessimistic about Dash and predicts that it would be traded at around $60 USD by the end of this year. Digital Coin Price site believes Dash would be trading at around $140 by 2019. And Cryptonewz draws an optimistic future for the coin — by the end of 2019, DASH can touch $200 or even $250 and in the coming years, Dash may be seen trading around $500.

Dash is considered to be one of the most secured blockchains and received a lot of appreciation for its Chainlocks from the community. Andreas Antonopoulos, a well-known crypto enthusiast acclaimed Chainlocks as a smart way of preventing 51% attacks. Furthermore, Cryptobriefing suggested that Dash is one of the most secure blockchains.

Andreas Antonopoulos about DASH
Source: Twitter

Dash is growing its popularity in the crypto community especially in Venezuela, Colombia, Thailand. Financial experts think the coin’s price will grow. 2gether a European payment app that allows users to send crypto via a Visa Debit card stated in a press statement that Dash has great potential and became the solution to the crisis-stricken countries. He added that Dash is transforming itself into one of the most widely used cryptocurrencies.

CEO Dash Core Group, Ryan Taylor, said the adding Dash into the Eurozone market will strengthen the bridge between fiat-markets and cryptocurrencies. So Eurozone’s citizens will be able to use decentralized payments. Ryan Taylor recently tweeted that Dash has emerged as one of the most used cryptocurrencies for payments.

Ryan Taylo about DASH
Source: Twitter

Moreover, Dash recently announced the Convention Europe, the first Dash’s community-organized meeting, that will showcase the cryptocurrency’s growing ecosystem around the world, uniting all Dash enthusiasts. This event will occur on September 28–30 in Zurich, Switzerland and Munich, Germany. As the interest on Dash is increasing, its price might be continuing to improve its growth in 2019.

ChangeHero’s verdict on the Dash price prediction

Generally speaking, it’s impossible to give a concrete answer with what level of growth we can expect from Dash for Q4 2019.

Dash’s accessibility enables users to conduct the transaction instantly, from any place all around the world. That makes Dash a payments-focused digital currency and a strong alternative to BTC. Experiencing growth since its beginnings in 2014, Dash is now accepted at more than 4,000 merchants, in addition to being accessible via numerous ATMs and exchanges around the world.

Dash offers a form of money that is portable, inexpensive and fast. Dash launched the “Evolution” project in 2018. “Evolution’s mission is to make digital cash easy to use and access for all users, even those who aren’t technologically savvy” — the quote from the official website, indicates that the Dash team wants the user-friendly crypto to be useful for all of the users as a digital payment in everyday life. Also, the Dash Core v1.0 is set to be launched this year and which would definitely have a significant effect on its price.

A large number of Dash-accepted services clearly show us the most significant advantage of the coin — people use it as an alternative to fiat money. Dash provides anonymous and private transactions. Mass adoption is on the rise and Dash will have good days ahead. Together with crypto analysts, ChangeHero feels positive about Dash’s fortune in the future. Dash might increase multiple folds in the near future than its current price.

So, this is the time to invest in Dash and ChangeHero is the place to get Dash quick and safe.

We are always happy to provide you with Dash and other cryptos, with the best Fixed and Float rates. Try the safety-trading Dash experience at ChangeHero.

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Disclaimer: The price prediction is done basing on the past performance of the respective cryptocurrency and opinions from the community. It should not be considered as a recommendation for trading. The future performance of the cryptocurrency might vary due to the volatility in the cryptocurrency market.

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DASH Price Prediction 2019
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DASH Price Prediction 2019
Dash enables the users to transact value instantly. With a rise in adoption in the third-world countries, experts predict that DASH price will spike soon.
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