Dash Price Prediction for 2020, 2025 and 2030 by ChangeHero

Dash is a project well-known for its established reputation, technological features that customize the UTXO model and a considerable adoption degree for an altcoin. In this Dash Price Prediction, let’s have a look at how Dash arrived at today’s position, what can further influence its price, and see how experts’ evaluate the currency in the short and long term.

What is Dash?

Dash is a UTXO cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin with additional features for privacy and quick settlement. In addition, Dash has a more sophisticated network structure with two layers of transaction validation and governance. Its main purpose is to be used as a digital alternative to cash for quick payments. For more facts about the coin and the tech behind it, put simply, you can refer to ChangeHero’s beginner’s guide on Dash.

Price History

Dash Price in 2014–2016

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Source: CoinMarketCap

Dash, back in 2014 known as X-coin, started its venture on the market at a point of $0.213899 (ATL on February 14, 2014). Within the first few hours of launch, “instamine” happened on the chain, and about 2 million coins entered circulation on the first day.

In mid-2014, just within a few months from the launch, due to the popularity, Dash pumped to over $11. After the first price spike, the coin returned to the price levels ($2–4) that were about ten times more solid than the price before that, and the trend continued in 2015. The most noticeable spike in 2015 happened in March, around the same time when Darkcoin rebranded as Dash. 2016 was an even better year for Dash, which scored an approximate 250% increase over the twelve months (opening at $3.33 and closing at $11.21).

Dash Price in 2017–2019

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Source: CoinMarketCap

In early 2017 the popularity of Dash took it to the third rank by market capitalization and the price increased by almost 100% to $52. Instead of correction, though, the price synced with the Bitcoin rally that was happening at the same time, and by the end of 2017, Dash scored an all-time high of $1,642.22 on December, 20. After such a surge, though, the correction was, as expected, quite tough. Half a year later, in mid-2018, the price returned to a pre-pump level at about $280 and kept declining. 2018 closed at a price of only $80 per 1 DASH. By July, 2019, amid crypto-winter, Dash somewhat solidified its position to above $110, only to sink lower to $40 in December, 2019.

Dash Price in 2020

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Source: CoinMarketCap

The start of 2020 was a great time for Dash price. It has been among the top performers for a few consecutive weeks. No surprise — its price has increased threefold over a couple of weeks in January, and has established its support levels at well above $90. Due to a global pandemic and an economic depression, by March Dash did not manage to keep its performance, and on March 12 sunk back to the $40 level. In a quite moderate bullish action over the next couple of months, Dash rose to a level of $80 first and then, $70, where it is being traded now. At the moment of writing, one DASH is worth $77.80 and ranks 21st with the market cap of $742,289,558.

What influences the price of Dash


Dash has consistently churned out updates and enhancements to its features to this day, and the Core developer group does not seem to stop. According to the team’s roadmap, we have some exciting features to look forward to, like DashPay, which is intended to work similarly to Venmo or PayPal but is on the blockchain.

Another upcoming feature is Dash Platform, which, as you can see from the name, will be a platform like Ethereum or its competitors for developing dApps. A testnet was released recently, accessible to anyone who’d like to test and interact with Dash Platform.

Both of these new features will fundamentally transform the network and have the potential to increase the Dash user base dramatically.


Dash is well-known for its spread in Latin America. Recently a two-fold increase in commercial payments with their Latin American partners was reported: they include payment processors such as ATARPay and point-of-sale terminal provider MegaSoft, which provides its services to 20 thousand merchants in Venezuela. 

Other notable partnerships not restricted to any region include Brave Browser and booking providers such as XcelTrip.

Both regional and regionally agnostic vectors of development are equally potent and critical, and Dash is one of the few currencies actually working in multiple directions with the help of community-funded efforts.


On the one hand, this can lead to less exposure since some exchanges try to avoid listing privacy coins. In 2019, Dash pairs were unlisted from Upbit, CEX.io and OKEx Korea for regulatory reasons. However, the same year Dash pairs were listed on Coinbase, Binance.US and Bittrex. The privacy feature, despite giving Dash its reputation, is, in fact, rarely used at all.

On the other hand, the ability to opt-in and out of private transactions available in Dash makes it more attractive to a wider audience: be it a user who wouldn’t even care about PrivateSend or a user who takes the information they are willing to expose and their privacy seriously.

#DASH On Twitter

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Source: Twitter

Christopher Carruthers is a YouTuber and #DashNation proponent, arguably the most popular and vocal DASH supporter. The partnership with Piiddo is a step towards Dash being recognized for its main purpose — definitely a cause to celebrate.

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Source: Twitter

In the recent news, blockchain analytics company Chainalysis has announced that the transactions in Zcash and Dash can be tracked using their methods. While the most comments treated this new information as a jab to the privacy features of the coins, DashJapan.com director, going under pseudonyms Tomi and Samurai33, pointed out a positive consequence of Chainalysis’ findings: now Dash can reclaim the East Asian markets, such as Japan and Korea.

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Source: Twitter

Joel Valenzuela is a journalist and writer specializing in crypto, as well as a Dash Public Outreach director.  He’s doing the #FiatFreeChallenge with Dash since 2016 and, of course, he’s sharing his progress on Twitter.

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Source: Twitter

In April, Dash outperformed BTC in price performance, as Mark Mason announced on his Twitter page. In the comparison, DASH performance in Q1 2020 scored 100.9% as opposed to BTC’s -0.55% value loss.

Dash Price Prediction for 2020

BraveNewCoin: short-term sideways trend

In the comprehensive monthly analysis, Josh Olszewicz bases his opinion on fundamental and technical analyses. Fundamentals prove that DASH is doing fine, especially for a relatively long-standing project, and technicals suggested there was no prevalent bearish or bullish action. If the Dash price is able to move to $88, then the next resistance levels to watch out for would be $100, $150 and $200.

AMBCrypto: DASH remains at the same level ($72–$75).

In a more recent price analysis, AMBCrypto analyst Jibin Mathew George analyses the price of Dash and comes to the conclusion that for now, it stagnates, which means two things: the indicators, such as moving averages convergence/divergence do not suggest any short-term price action, and DASH price is able to recover to the levels it has been upholding since April quite quickly and soundly. Right now Dash is expected to trade at about $72–75 for a short while.

Longforecast DASH Price Prediction: bullish until September, bearish by December

In the Longforecast data projections until the end of this year, it is predicted that in the summer the price is going to be increasing, peaking in September at $99.6. However, immediately after that in the fall the price will be decreasing, scraping as low as $61 in November. This trend is expected to reverse only in December, and the year will close at $76.2 for 1 DASH.

DASH in the years 2021–2024

Longforecast: from $60 in 2021 to $30 in 2024

Continuing the same forecast for Dash, unfortunately, according to this site, 2020 will mark the highest prices for DASH. From then on, it will be on a sharp decline at least for the next couple of years: 2021 will see a 40% loss of value from the opening price of $76.2 to $39.7 in December 2021, and over 2022 it will further lose 70%, closing the year at $12.4. However, the lowest point will be reached in November, 2022, and from then on, the price will start the long-term recovery: by the end of 2023, DASH price is predicted to gain almost 90% back. 2024 will start with Dash sitting at $22.7 and making its way up to $30+ level by mid-2024.

WalletInvestor Dash Price Prediction: from $150 to $1

If you thought the previous forecast was harsh, wait until you see what WalletInvestor predicts! Their AI gives an extremely negative outlook on the currency.

In 2021, Dash will have a better start, at about $150 a coin. However, by the end of January, it’s going to lose 60%, and by April the fall will take the price down to long not seen lows of about $8. Attempts at recovery will happen, but for the most summer and fall, it will trade in a range between $4 and $6. Only in November the price will start to rise, and in December skyrocket to $68.

A somewhat similar pattern: a strong start and quick loss of value, will occur in 2022. A difference this time would be that the range for February until May will stay between $9 and $7. In May this range will sink lower to $5–$6 and the price will repeatedly hit $4 in August. For the rest of the year, the projections show that sustainably exceeding $8 is not to be expected.

In 2023, Dash price will not even hit double digits. The year will start with DASH being worth $5–6 dollars and end with a single Dash valued at only about $2. This price level will be carried into 2024, when Dash will be worth not more than $3, and generally traded for $1–2 dollars.

Dash Price Predictions for 2025

CaptainAltcoin Prediction: $160,000 for 1 DASH

Let’s have some positive forecasts for a change. Phillipp Traugott of Captain Altcoin predicts that if Dash keeps momentum of development and survives the regulatory scrutiny warranted by its privacy features by 2025, it means the project stood the test of time and can hit a price as high as hundred times its current ATH, which makes it $160,000 USD. Sounds a bit too hopeful but who knows what will happen in the next five years?

DigitalCoin Dash Price Prediction: $280.95 in 2025

A much more believable price prediction is provided by DigitalCoin’s historical data projections. According to their forecast, in the next five years Dash will see a boost of 250% from the current price. The lowest monthly average of January will be equal to $184.61, which is already not too bad, and the months when bulls will be the most active are predicted to be August and September. During that time, the Dash price might go as high as $280.95.

How Much Will DASH Be Worth in 2030?

CoinPriceForecast: $466.96–$486.06

According to this long-term Dash price prediction, in exactly ten years it will get really close to hitting $500. This price threshold will be overcome only at the start of the next decade, supposedly in 2031.

BTYNews: $27,952.78

Authors of this outlet claim to base their analysis on the coin’s price volatility, market fluctuation and the potential to disrupt the market. Taking these metrics for Dash into account, they get a whopping $27,952.78. Not as unrealistic as some other Dash price predictions we cited, but still quite hard to believe. Then again, if Bitcoin is predicted to be worth almost a million dollars at that time, maybe it is not too far-fetched.

ChangeHero’s Dash Price Prediction

Dash has a very approachable use case that can help attract investors. Its development is going strong, and the ability to customize transacting makes the coin attractive to a wider audience of users. As long as the project is sustained and the adoption grows, Dash can certainly hit new all-time highs as soon as within the next few years.

Getting Dash is easy with ChangeHero. On our website you can exchange a wide range of coins and tokens for DASH at a best or fixed rate. It’s quick, easy and does not require any sign-ups or logins.

That is it for our Dash price prediction. If you have any thoughts to share about these forecasts, let us know in the comments, on our blog, TwitterFacebookReddit, and Telegram.

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This article does not constitute financial or investing advice. No price prediction or forecast is guaranteed to provide exact information on the future price.

When dealing with cryptocurrencies, remember that they are extremely volatile and thus, a high-risk investment. Always make sure to stay informed and be aware of those risks. Consider investitions in cryptocurrencies only after careful consideration and analysis and at your own risk.

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