ChangeHero Crypto Affiliate Program

ChangeHero — instant crypto exchange platform launches the whole new updated Affiliate Platform. We decided to share up to 80% of our revenue with our Hero Partners and welcoming crypto — enthusiasts on board to make profit together!

ChangeHero supports over 140 crypto assets for purchasing and exchange both on Fixed and Float rates. We provide one of the bests rates on the market and really fast transaction flow. We care about our partners and offer outstanding features that are really useful in generating revenue:

– Earn revenue in BTC. All your earnings from our affiliate program are calculated in Bitcoin. Withdrawals are available from 0.05 BTC.

– Extra Bonus for your payouts. Join our program now and get a 10% bonus on your first withdrawal and 5% on the second one.

– Automatic revenue withdrawal to your address. No need to check your stats every day. You can set an automatic revenue withdrawal to your address of any fixed amount.

Who is on target?

Our affiliate program is designed to suit all kinds of crypto-related platforms, so all your traffic can be monetized the most user-friendly way. If you are a blogger or exchange aggregator — simply share our referral link or banner to your website/blog/social media and drive your users to ChangeHero to start earning.

For coins and token websites, blockchain explorers, the most effective way would be placing our Widget or button on your website, get transactions and grab a big chunk of our revenue. For Wallets, fiat-to-crypto services or payment gates, we developed ChangeHero API, so you can integrate it to your platform as an internal exchange tool and set your own commission.

3 easy ways to become a HeroPartner:

Widget and Buttons:

Install ChangeHero Widget/Button to your platform or application. Let your users buy and exchange 140+ crypto right on your side and share our revenue!

The Widget is the feature which gives your users an opportunity to trade and buy cryptocurrency instantly with Visa and MasterCard on your platform with ChangeHero. It works pretty simple: you just need to embed Widget/button iFrame code into your website. The code that we give you already contains your referral link, so we will track all your referrals.

Once your visitor swaps their assets with our widget, you will see this transaction on your Affiliate Dashboard and your revenue from it. It will take you only 5 minutes to integrate our widget. It has a really user-friendly design and your user will never leave your platform to make an exchange.

Changehero exchange widget
ChangeHero Widget
  • Integration in 5 minutes;
  • Friendly design and mobile devices support;
  • Supports payments in Visa and Mastercard;
  • Customers do not leave your platform to make an exchange.

Referral links and Banners:

Invite your visitors to exchange cryptocurrencies with our referral link and get 50%+ of our revenue from your referrals’ transactions.

This one is a best-suited option for publishers, bloggers, opinion leaders and exchange aggregators. Referral link could be installed in some clickable content to convert your active sessions to exchanges. You can take one of our handsome banners, or we will create customized content for you, such as article, video, creative, etc. Once a user goes to our website via a referral link and performs a transaction, you will earn 50% of our revenue. Start earning with the referral link and banner takes 3 minutes: get the link or banner code, place it on your website/blog/social media and invite your users to exchange with ChangeHero.

ChangeHero crypto afiiliate program procedure
ChangeHero referral link
  • Integration in 3 minutes;
  • Multiple links and creatives to adjust your traffic;
  • Caring support! Your referrals will be in good hands.

ChangeHero API:

Be the owner of the exchange tool for your service. Integrate ChangeHero API to your platform and earn your own commission!

This way of affiliate partnership is perfect for wallets, fiat-to-crypto services, payment gates, white-label solutions. After integration of ChangeHero API to your service, your users will be able to exchange crypto inside your platform or application without leaving it. You can set your own exchange commission and manage your revenue. Contact [email protected] and we will help you start working with our API within one day.

ChangeHero exchange API
ChangeHero API
  • Make your own exchange platform based on top-quality service;
  • Stable API;
  • Best fixed and float rates;
  • Facility to set your own fee;
  • Technical support on all integration stages.

How to Become a Hero Partner?

Click “For Partners” on ChangeHero homepage and you will be directed to our Affiliate Program page. Enter your e-mail and address, select affiliate options you are interested in and click on “Register”. Our team will reach you the same day, provide you with all the accesses and guide you through the process.

How to track your revenue?

We’ve made it easy for you to keep eyes on your progress using the ChangeHero Affiliate Dashboard. Simply log in to your affiliate account in For partners page on ChangeHero website and you will find an overview of the number of transactions, profit and amount ready for payout. Under the settings tab, you will be able to set up your wallet address for withdrawal, find API key and generate the affiliate link. All your referral’s transactions can be found in the transactions section. Daily stats gives a summary of the daily exchanges. You can also find your withdrawals history in Payouts section.

ChangeHero crypto affiliate program dashboard

Crypto market is on boom now and it is about time to join the team of Heroes and make benefit together. We welcome everybody on board and ready to monetize any traffic the smartest way! Don’t wait for a moment! Register to our Affiliate Platform right now and start earning today.

Subscribe to ChangeHero Blog for more of such interesting content. Follow us on TwitterFacebookReddit, Telegram and Medium to be updated with the latest news and trading insights of the crypto industry. Feel free to reach us at [email protected] if you have any queries and we would be glad to assist you.

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ChangeHero Affiliate Platform. How to earn Bitcoin?
ChangeHero launched the affiliate program. Now you can earn a cut from our revenue and make easy profits. We offer links, banners, widgets, buttons and API.
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