Bitcoin Gold is a project that formed an open-source community-backed cryptocurrency (BTG) in the model of Bitcoin and highly compatible with Bitcoin, but which is minable on GPUs and competes in the GPU-mining space.

What is unique and beneficial about Bitcoin Gold?

BTG is very similar to Bitcoin, but anyone can mine again. Instead of having to buy an expensive ASIC from far away which may take months to arrive (if it arrives at all), people can buy commodity graphics cards at their local computer store. Better yet, anyone who already has a modern graphics card in their computer can begin mining without spending ANY additional money on hardware. Removing the barriers to entry for mining means that people all over the world can participate in mining again, leading to real decentralization.

Our blocks are less crowded than Bitcoin, so our fees are minuscule — it can be cheaper to experiment and deploy new projects on BTG. We’re also about to deploy Lightning Network to our mainnet (LND implementation) and people will be able to do cross-chain atomic swaps on Lightning.

And, all the while, we’re bringing a new community into crypto — because newly mined Bitcoins largely go to a few large mining conglomerates, but newly mined BTG are going to excited individuals all over the world who are looking to use their crypto.

What advantages does Bitcoin Gold have among all other currencies?

We’re offering a secure and stable coin project in the tradition of bitcoin even as we extend the crypto community by making mining accessible to new people in countries around the world. We don’t have the kinds of speculative risks that come with ICOs or coin projects managed through investments in masternodes. People are recognizing the benefits of our model — we’re not yet a year old, but we have a broad ecosystem with dozens of wallets, exchanges, miners, services. The coin has proven to be a survivor, which is why we’re seeing broader adoption and price growth which has been bucking the broader crypto trend lately.

What are your long-term goals?

Technical: maintaining a safe GPU-mined mainchain while delivering and expanding massive scalability and exciting new capabilities via layer-two solutions.

Economical: to continue to grow the broad adoption we’ve already seen, to make BTG as safe for long-term holding and as useful for daily transactions as possible, and to continue to support crypto-related projects across space with collaboration and partnerships.

We’re looking forward to our full mainnet rollout of Lightning Network, which will also lead to things like Atomic Swaps on Layer 2. We’re also excited about extending BTG’s functionality with side chains to power things like smart contracts. In the nearer-term future, we’ll be rolling out a new version of our website, oriented towards helping beginners learn and get started in crypto — the biggest group of people in the world is still no-coiners!

How to become a part of the community and what is the benefit of it?

Crypto is still a new area — most people in the world have merely heard of Bitcoin, but have no understanding of why it matters, nor the fact that there are many other cryptocurrencies. Few are aware that mining is no longer restricted to a privileged few with a lot of money to invest, and many fear that they’ve “missed the boat” to invest with Bitcoin, years ago. The truth is that anyone getting involved in BTG is still an early adopter of a very promising currency in the very young crypto space.

Anyone with a modern GPU can mine. Anyone with some extra drive space can run a full node by installing and running the Bitcoin Gold Core Wallet, which strengthens the network.

Developers are welcome to contribute to the project’s code on GitHub or to use our many libraries to build new software that works with BTG.

We have active channels for our mining, investor, and user communities on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Forums — and we’re increasingly providing channels in the languages they speak. Join and follow our Social Media channels.

When and how to buy BTG?

changehero bitcoin gold exchange interface
Exchange BTG with 0% commission at

Now! Like Bitcoin, BTG is a hard currency with a maximum future supply of 21 million. Because it was forked from Bitcoin last year, our current circulating supply is 16.3 million and we have the same low 3.7% inflation rate as Bitcoin — far lower then ETH, LTC, ZEC — and our inflation rate will be halved in 2020.

To accumulate slowly while strengthening the network, mine. If you’re a business owner that wants to extend your reach, accept it as currency.

For all others, buy it! On centralized or decentralized exchanges, like the ChangeHero.

Changehero presents new paths in from fiat and 100+ coins, brings new language support, making life easier for BTG users around the world. Moreover, you can catch your chance to exchange BTG with 0% commission twice in a month. We publish articles on various topics around crypto on our blog. Follow us on TwitterFacebookReddit, Telegram and Medium and be up to date!

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What is Bitcoin Gold?
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What is Bitcoin Gold?
BitcoinGold is a community-backed open-source cryptocurrency project formed from Bitcoin Fork. It is minable on GPUs and competes in the GPU-mining space.
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