Crypto Affiliate Program – Earn Bitcoin

ChangeHero Crypto Affiliate Program

Join the Crypto Affiliate program and earn Bitcoin.
You can get up to 80% of our revenue!

Benefits of our Crypto Affiliate Program

Earn Bitcoin

Earn Bitcoin

Earnings from all your crypto referrals are calculated in Bitcoin, instead of being spread between multiple coins and tokens.
Extra bonus for your payouts

Extra Bitcoin for your payouts

Once you sign up for our crypto affiliate program, you get a +10% bonus for your first withdrawal and +5% to your second one.
Set up automatic withdrawal

Automatic Bitcoin Withdrawal

For the crypto referral program, there is no need to check your stats every day. You can set an automatic revenue withdrawal to your address for any fixed amount.
I wanna become a HeroPartner and earn Bitcoin!

Cryptocurrency Widgets and Buttons

We offer cryptocurrency widgets and buttons for your platform or application. Through our crypto affiliate program, your users can buy and exchange 40+ crypto right on your platform and you earn a share from our revenue.
  • Integration in 5 minutes
  • Beautifully designed and Ergonomic
  • Mobile devices support
  • Visa and MasterCard payments
  • Customers stay on your platform
Cryptocurrency Widgets and Buttons suits are best for
  • Coins and Tokens websites/platforms
  • Publishers websites
  • Blockchain explorers
  • Mobile applications

How to earn Bitcoin with Cryptocurrency Widgets and Buttons?

1. Place the cryptocurrency widget or button

Copy the script and place it to the source code of your web page

2. Get transactions

Convert your active visitors to exchanges

3. Share our revenue / Get paid

Receive 50-80% of ChangeHero exchange fee (depending on your traffic)
That works great for me!
Share your crypto referral link with your visitors and invite them to exchange cryptocurrencies through the link. With the crypto referral links, you get 50% of our revenues.
  • Integration in 1 minute
  • Multiple links and creatives for your traffic
  • Great service! Your referrals are in good hands!
Crypto Referral Links are best for
  • Publishers
  • Bloggers and opinion leaders
  • Exchange rate aggregators

How to earn Bitcoin with Crypto Referral Links?

1. Get the link or banner

Register and copy referral link/choose the banner

2. Drive your traffic

Paste you crypto referral link or banner to your website/blog/social media and invite your users to exchange with ChangeHero

3. Share our revenue / Get paid

Receive 50-80% of ChangeHero exchange fee (depending on your traffic)
That is what I was looking for!

ChangeHero API

Be the owner of the exchange tool for your service. Our Crypto Affiliate Program also includes ChangeHero API, integrate it to your platform and earn your own commission.
  • Your own platform based on top-quality service
  • Stable API
  • The best Fixed and Float rates
  • Set your own fee
  • Technical support on all integration stages
ChangeHero API is best for
  • Wallets
  • Fiat-to-crypto services
  • Payment gateways
  • White-label solutions
  • Aggregators
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